Antipodean Albatross and High Seas Longline Fisheries

We’ve lost an estimated 35,000 Antipodean albatrosses since 2004, and only 7,000 breeding pairs are left. We need to quickly help the fishing companies that catch tuna and swordfish in waters where this albatross feeds shift to albatross safe fishing practices. The main overlap area is outside the New Zealand EEZ, on the high seas to the east and north of the Kermadec Islands, and in the Tasman Sea. We know the names of the vessels and fishing companies, and have started contacting the tuna conservation organisations who already work with them. This downloadable report lays out what could be done.

Antipodean albatross and high seas longl
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Check Live Ocean’s video to hear Olympic sailing champions Pete Burling and Blair Tuke’s vision for the Antipodean albatross.