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Seabird Smart Awards 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The Seabird Smart Awards 2021 ceremony was held with a twist this year, taking place via a virtual platform.

And while we missed seeing everyone in person, an online ceremony meant more people could join us including overseas viewers, to celebrate our winners.

The Supreme Champion Award was awarded to Dave Moore and Darrin Fabricius of Wild Fish (NZ) Ltd:

Mike Te Pou, Skipper of FV The Commission won our Mitigation Champion Award:

Tony Walker of TK Offshore Fishing took out the Advocacy Champion Award:

and Jesse Crasborn and Crew of Sealord’s FV Rehua won the Innovation Champion Award!

In addition to our four trophy awards, Katrina Bowers received a Special Recognition Certificate for her voluntary work educating recreational fishers about risks to seabirds:

Congratulations to all of our Seabird Smart Champion Winners!!

Our recipients have all played a huge part in the protection of our precious seabirds, setting very high standards while educating others along the way. We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our Seabird Smart Champions!

View the virtual Seabird Smart Awards 2021 Ceremony below!

Our Seabird Smart Awards 2021 was proudly sponsored by:


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